Intensive Reading

Students are provided with a separate Intensive Reading Course that engages students with literature in an effort to enhance and further develop higher levels of reading comprehension. 

Reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing competencies are integrated throughout students’ learning experiences.

Benchmarks for the Standards are repeated as needed in course sequences. As students progress from one course to the next, increases should occur in the complexity of materials and tasks and in the students’ independence in the application of skills and strategies.

Learning tasks and materials accommodate the individual needs of students.  Technology is available for students to develop competencies in reading research and language arts.

Course Title: M/J Intensive Reading

Course Length: 1 year
Major Concepts/Content: The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop and strengthen reading skills through integrated experiences in the language arts. Emphasis will be on inference, application, and analysis of content from varied texts.

Course Requirements: Placement of students is determined by performance on state assessments.

Course Title: M/J Cambridge Global Perspectives (Cambridge Lower Secondary)

Course Length: 1 year
Major Concepts/Content: Global Perspectives and Research is a skills-based course that prepares learners with collaborative skills to enhance their learning experience.