Technology and Business

Career Education programs provide students with opportunities to develop occupational interests and acquire skills throughout their secondary and postsecondary educational careers that will lead to gainful employment. Middle School Career Education programs focus on transferable skills that apply academic course content in relevant, meaningful ways. Students completing these programs at the middle school level are more motivated to learn and have a clearer understanding of high school career options and educational pathways to attain lifelong career goals.

Course Title: Computer Discoveries (offered at select CSA schools)

Course Length: 1 year

Major concepts/content. The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with career opportunities in the field of computers. As well as hands-on practical experience using software applications. Students will refine their ability in integrating application software.

Course Title: Career Research and Decision Making (Grade 6)

Course Length: 1 semester

Major Concepts: The purpose of this course is to enable students explore different careers and interests that may evolve into careers.  Students will create electronic career portfolios (ePEP) and track required coursework needed to meet their career and educational goals along with the focus required to meet these goals. (Required)